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How to Plan a Corporate Holiday Party

Many companies host a holiday party each year for their employees. Holiday parties are a festive gathering for all of your staff to show your appreciation for their hard work over the past year and to celebrate the year’s successes. Planning your company’s holiday event may take months of preparation. To ensure a successful event […]

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Planning a Corporate Retreat

Corporate retreats are a great way for companies to accomplish tasks that cannot be worked out in an hour or two meeting. Need to hash out next year’s strategy, work through a team building activity or review major projects? Then a corporate retreat is just the event you need to undertake these activities. A corporate […]

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5 Tips to Help Plan Your Corporate Event

Are you thinking of holding your next corporate event in Toronto? Treat your guests to the stunning view of the city skyline and other scenic sights. When planning a corporate event or even a party in honor of a valued client, it is important to find a unique and memorable venue. Whether it’s one of […]