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How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is a game during which decorated eggs are hidden for children to find them. The eggs can be real hard boiled eggs, chocolate eggs or artificial eggs that can be filled with candies or chocolate. The eggs can be various sizes and colours. Some Easter eggs are decorated in elaborate patterns and colours.

An Easter egg hunt is a great way to celebrate easter and planning an egg hunt is easy to do. Here are some tips for organizing an Easter egg hunt.

Easter Decorations

Get ready for your Easter egg hunt by decorating with Easter decorations. Pastel colours are perfect for Easter and are also a great way to get people to celebrate the start of spring. Hang pastel colours balloons and decorate your snack tables with pastel coloured table clothes. Bunnies, tulips and pastel coloured streamers are a great way to make the occasion festive. Don’t forget to get Easter baskets for the children to place their eggs in. You can get really festive baskets or personalize them for each child.

You can plan your Easter egg hunt indoors, outdoors or a combination of both. The choice is really up to you weather and space permitting.

Easter Egg Hunt Preparations

Make sure that you buy enough supplies for your hunt well in advance. If you are using fake eggs, buy small toys, stickers, candies and chocolates to fill your eggs. If you are using real eggs, be sure to have prizes for the children.

You should roughly estimate a dozen eggs for each child participating in the hunt. You would rather have too many eggs than not enough and have your hunt end too early.

When hiding your eggs, be sure to have both easy and hard to find hiding spots. This way you will be able to challenge children of many ages. You can even consider extending the hunt to teenagers and adults. If you do, you can consider leveraging a German tradition and hide the eggs in really tricky spots like bushes with thorns.

When the hunt is over, prizes may be given out for various achievements, such as the largest number of eggs collected, for the largest or smallest egg, for the most eggs of a specific color and consolation prizes.

Fun Easter Games

The fun doesn’t have to end after the hunt. Extend the fun by playing some fun Easter games.

If you used real eggs as part of your hunt, they can be further used in egg tapping contests. You can hide a special Easter egg (maybe a Golden Egg) with a special prize insider. The person who finds the special egg, wins the prize.

A fun game for the kids is a variation of Duck, Duck, Goose. In this game, change the words to bunny as each child’s head is tapped and hop to select a child. Instead of running around the circle of children, players hop with their feet together. Another fun game is Easter Egg Bowling. Place a white egg in the centre of a large open space. Players take turns rolling coloured eggs as close as possible to the white one. The player who rolls their egg the closest wins.

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