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How to Plan a Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is the special day of the year where mothers or those who have a maternal influence in your life are honored and celebrated. Mother’s Day may be observed on a different day in different parts of the world. It is most commonly observed in March or May. Mother’s Day in Canada is on the second Sunday in May. Regardless of where you live or when it’s observed, one thing remains the same; mothers are special women without whom your life would not be the same.

Why not show your mother and the other mothers in your life how much you care and appreciate all that they do by organizing a Mother’s Day brunch. You can make it a large event with many guests or an intimate affair, the choice is yours to make. Either way, the mothers you are celebrating will enjoy spending time with those they hold dear. While quite a bit of planning goes into preparing a Mother’s Day brunch, it’s important that you adhere to one rule – mom is not to lift a finger!

1. Select your Venue

When selecting venue for your Mother’s Day brunch, be sure to choose a location that is large enough for your event and not too far from where mom lives. Before you can select a venue, you need to prepare your guest list. Once you know how many people will be coming, choose a space large enough so everyone can comfortably enjoy brunch.

2. Send the Invitations

Once you’ve identified the mothers and their guests, prepare the invitations. In order to ensure everyone arrives on time, they need to be clear on the date, time and location of the brunch. If you are having a small cozy gathering, a phone call or email invitation is more than sufficient. If you are organizing a larger affair, send out formal invitations. Your invitations should reflect the theme of your event. So at the same time as you are preparing the invitations, you should be settling on the theme of your Mother’s Day brunch.

3. Plan the Menu

Brunch is a meal that is usually scheduled for a time that is in-between breakfast and lunch. This means that you have the flexibility to include foods from both types of meals in your menu. Mixing foods means that the moms and the other guests will get to enjoy the best of both types of meals. When preparing the menu be sure to include foods that cover all sorts of different dietary needs. This includes vegetarian, low carb and low sugar options. Despite considering all of these different needs, be sure to include mom’s favorite dish in the menu. After all, the brunch is in celebration of mom! If you are expecting a large group or are not skilled in the kitchen, consider catering the brunch. Having a caterer on-hand will make the brunch go that much smoother and give you a chance to relax and enjoy the meal with mom. It’s important to remember, moms don’t need you to lavish them with expensive items. All mother’s want is to enjoy quality time with their children.

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