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Wedding Trends for 2018

Before we say goodbye to 2017, those in the wedding industry are looking forward to the year ahead and are setting the trends that will be popular for the weddings of 2018. Every year new ideas and themes are created and talented wedding professionals and vendors are sharing their thoughts on what the weddings of 2018 will look like. They are thinking of the colour palettes that will amaze, menus that will scintillate the senses and venues that will be memorable for years to come. When planning weddings for 2018, it’s not simply about personalizing the wedding to the bride and groom but including details that will make their guests feel truly special and understand just how much they mean to the couple.

Here’s a look at the trends that will set 2018 apart from the rest.

Navy replaces black

In 2018, colour trends will evolve where navy will become the new black. As an alternative to the formal nature of black, couples will look to navy to bring a less formal neutral colour to their wedding’s colour palette. Formal weddings will be transformed with navy or midnight blue as the colour of choice. This colour will span the groom’s tuxedo to the bridesmaid and groomsmen attire.

Silver is the top choice in metallics

In 2017 and the years leading up, we saw a surge in popularity of rose gold and copper.  While metallics are definitely here to stay and will continue to be a leading element in wedding décor, in 2018 will we will see silver return as the top choice in metallics. Silver accents will be included everywhere from the table setting, centerpieces to even accessories on the bride and groom.

Formal events will return

This coming year we will see brides and grooms return to the familiarity of a formal wedding. Classic, elegant affairs will be more prominent than the shabby chic, casual weddings that were a dominate trend over the past years. That means a return to black tie and formal wedding venues.


Wedding décor will include the experiential elements of texture. Couples are looking for their day to be filled with special details and they want to maximize their guest’s experience. Layering textures throughout the ceremony and reception are ways to deliver this experience.

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